“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer


Better performance. Better communication. More commitment. More happiness.

Let us find out together how I can support your executives and teams with Coaching in Mainz. 

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Your company is located in Mainz and you would like to have a trustful cooperation with a coach on site?

Online coaching works quite wonderfully, but if distance allows, I am happy to come to your company or to a completely neutral location in Mainz chosen by you to meet with the coachee for a conversation.

A typical coaching journey lasts 3 to 6 coaching sessions in Mainz. The effect of coaching will already be noticeable after the first meeting.

Coaching triggers changes in perspective and offers the chance for a better and more fulfilling work life, and with regard to work-life balance, also for a better private life, however that is defined for you. In an introductory meeting, I work with you to find out where things are sticking and where you want to go, and help you along the way,

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In your team at the Mainz site, cooperation could be better? There are conflicts, or the overall performance is not as you would like it to be?

Team coaching sees the team as one unit. The coach reflects with the team on the team as a whole and the dynamics within the team. Topics can be, for example, the shared values or the vision. Sometimes team building is important before the coaching work, if the team is still in the forming phase. All this and how you can increase team performance and the well-being of all team members with team coaching requires a basic analysis before going into coaching.

A meeting to get to know each other and detailed analysis discussions are the basis for all further measures.

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